ASG Patchouli's Arabesque

DOB:  3/16/15

02/19/17:  Tested for CAE - results negative

06/13/16:  Tested for CAE - results negative


I was thrilled to be able to get this lovely doe in trade this past spring.    She is pictured above on 11/30/15.  Please forgive the terrible photo.  I will get a nice clipped photo next summer.  Arabesque has amazing escutcheon width!  Her dam, Adagio, is shown in the two pictures below.  Adagio's photos are courtesy of Becky Gretebeck at All Seasons Farm.

Update:  Adagio is now a 1*M!

Update 11/30/15:  Just found out Arabesque's dam has earned her Superior Genetics award and is now SGCH Shere Country MP Adagio 'E90'!!!

Update 8/3/15:  I was just informed by Becky that Adagio was Linear Appraised  Excellent at 03-03 with a score of 90 VEVE! 


Arabesque's sire, Fall Creek Patchouli, is shown below.  Photo is courtesy of Fall Creek Farm.



Show Wins:


Color/Pattern Genetics:

She is a brown/black chamoisee doe and she also carries black.


Kidding History:

03/15/17:  Single doe sired by Able Valley Farm Fabio



See her extended pedigree here:  Arabesque's Pedigree


Sire:  Fall Creek Patchouli

SS:  Fall Creek RC Buddy

SD:  MCH/CH Fall Creek LP Spice 2*D

Dam:  1*M SGCH Shere Country MP Adagio  'E90'

DS:  TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90'

DD:  Shere Country SH Aria 'VG88'




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