Raising Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats & Limousin Cattle in Beautiful Northeastern Minnesota


Shere Country SH Aria

DOB:  4/14/2010

9/30/14:  Tested for CAE - results negative

5/18/14:  Tested for Johne's - results negative

2014 LA:  88 VEEV

Stature:  20-1/2" (23.00)

Aria is pictured above on 9/2/14.  Her udder isn't full but I at least wanted to get a picture of her that wasn't in full winter coat!

This long, elegant junior is exactly what I hoped for from her breeding. 

Aria has a beautiful long, very dairy body and an udder to match.  Lovely udder texture and teat size and placement.  She is just wonderful to milk!

The first photo below shows Aria's 3rd freshening prefresh udder.  Forgive the hairy appearance and poor clip job but it's been brutally cold here yet.

Aria's 3rd fresh udder shown in the two photos below at two months fresh .

Color/Pattern Genetics:

Aria was bred to a buckskin buck who also carries black and the resulting 2012 twins were cream, and dark gold modified buckskin.  She was bred to a different buckskin buck for 2013 babies and one of the resulting kids was gold and the other was light buckskin.

Kidding History:

4/14/12:  Twins - 2 does sired by TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S

3/24/13:  Twins - 1 buck/1 doe - sired by *B Rosasharn TL Unforgettable Man (doe retained -  Shere Country UFO Harmony)

3/26/14:  Triplets - 1 buck/2 does - sired by *B DesertNanny Br Shenandoah *S

See Aria's extended pedigree here:  Aria's Pedigree

S:  CH Rosasharn SP Shazam *B

SS:  ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo *S 'E'

SD: ARMCH Rosasharn TL Bewitched 6*D, 6*M 'E92'

D:  TX Twin Creeks ADG Aria

DS: TX Twin Creeks AB Adagio *S

DD: MCH/GCH Twin Creeks WDF Sarafina 5*D, 2*M 'E92'