1*M SG AGS Twin Creeks AH Finale's Zip *D 'E' AR1881

DOB:  1/2/04

07/29/15:  Tested for CAE & Johnes - results negative

08/25/13:  Tested for CAE - results negative

11/02/12:  Tested for CAE - results negative


2007 LA (03-06):  86 ++EV

2006 LA (02-07):  87 VAEV



I was very pleased to be informed by ADGA on 8/18/14 that Zippy had earned her Superior Genetics designation!

Zippy is a polled chamoisee doe with fabulous genetics behind her.  She is shown above as a first freshener.  The photos below are of her third freshening udder.  All photos are courtesy of Old Mountain Farm.


Zippy is now retired after her 2014 kidding.  She blessed me with a beautiful doeling this year, Shere Country S Grand Finale, as well as a lovely granddaughter, Shere Country EO Enya.


Show Wins:

2006:  1X Grand Champion Senior Doe, Best Udder, and Best of Breed (AGS) under Judge Keith Harrell


Color/Pattern Genetics:

Zippy is a light reddish gold and black chamoisee with some white markings.  She is also polled.


Kidding History:

04/05:  Buck/doe twins sired by Springs Run Merry Brandybuck

06/06:  Single doe sired by Many Tracks All That Jazz

04/07:  Quads - 3 does/1 buck sired by Old Mountain Farm Wilson

03/08:  Triplets - 1 doe/2 bucks sired by Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer

2009:  ? sired by Buttin' Heads Palimony

2010:  didn't settle?

2011: didn't settle?

12/8/12:  Triplets - 2 does/1 buck (stillborn) sired by + *B Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S

2013:  didn't settle

4/30/14:  Twin does (1 stillborn) sired by *B DesertNanny BR Shenandoah *S (doe retained - see Shere Country S Grand Finale)


See her extended pedigree here:  Zippy's Pedigree


Sire:  ARMCH Little Rascal's American Hero + *S 'E'

SS:  Flat Rocks Romanov +S

SD:  Piddlin Acres Flash Dance

Dam:  MCH Twin Creeks BW Grand Finale

DS:  ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++ *S 'E'

DD:  Goodwood Zippy Mariri 3*D 'VG'

















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