2018 Kidding Schedule


Updated:  3/14/18

Photos of available kids can be seen on the New Arrivals page.

Update:  All does on the kidding schedule were tested for CAE & Johnes on 3/4/18 and results were all negative.  Results available upon request.  The remainder of the herd will be tested as soon as this initial kidding frenzy passes.  The bucks and dry yearlings are left to be done at that time.

Pricing for 2017/2018 kids will be as follows:

Doe kids out of first freshening does will be $350 and bucks will be wethered.

Kids out of senior does will start at $375.  $25 will be added for finished champions, $25 for SG (Superior Genetics designation), $25 for having earned a milk star, and $25 for having a Linear Appraisal score of Excellent (90 or above).  Based on this pricing schedule, kids out of our most accomplished does will be $475.


(145 days)
Babel Brook Acres Z Fayette
Wren Farm V Xtraordinary hand bred once on 10/8/17 & again on 10/15
due 3/1/18 or 3/8/18
moonspots possible
Kidded 3/9/18
buck/doe twins
doe available - $375
buck/wether available- $375/$75
Shere Country MP Windswept Shere Country ZU Dilemma bred 10/15/17 (in breeding pen 10/15 - 10/21)
due 3/8/18
Kidded 3/9/18
2 bucks/1 doe
doe - retained,
both bucks sale pending - AM
Nothing Available
Shere Country SB Helga (FF)
Shere Country ZU Dilemma
in breeding pen 10/16 - 10/21
bred 10/16/17
due 3/9/18
Kidded 3/12/18
buck/doe twins
wether available - $75
Shere Country STI Celesta (FF) Shere Country ZU Dilemma in heat & bred 10/16?  (in breeding pen 10/16 - 10/21/17)
due 3/9/18
Kidded 3/14/18
twin bucks

both available as wethers - $75 each or 2/$100
Shere Country LS All That Jazz Kyeema Ridge Time Bandit in breeding pen 10/20 - 11/3
bred 10/20
due 3/13/18
1*M SGCH Shere Country OB Arpeggio 'E90'
Kyeema Ridge Time Bandit in breeding pen 10/10 - 11/3
in heat/bred 10/20/17?
due 3/13/18
Shere Country V Soiree (FF)
Kyeema Ridge Time Bandit bred  10/16/17 & 10/17/17 & 10/22/17
(in breeding pen 10/16 - 11/4/17)
due 3/9/18 - 3/15/18
Sugar Moon Zenaida
Shere Country ST Albert in breeding pen 10/21 - 11/12/17
bred 10/21 & 10/25
due 3/14 - 3/19/18
SG Shere Country SH Allium 'E90' Kyeema Ridge Time Bandit in breeding pen 10/13 - 10/16 & 10/21 - 11/4, possibly in heat 10/21 but didn't see breeding
due 3/14/18?
Sugar Moon Madeline Shere Country ST Albert in breeding pen 10/21 - 11/12)
in heat 10/25
bred 10/25?
due 3/18/18
Shere Country SH Aria 'VG88'
Kyeema Ridge Time Bandit or
Shere Country ST Albert
bred 10/15/17 by Bandit but obviously didn't take.  Came back in heat 11/4 after Bandit had gone so was bred to Albert on that date
due 3/29/18
Halfpint Haven Nina (FF)
Phoenix Farm Designer Genes
Old Beach Blueblood Earthsurf
bred 10/16/17 but back in heat 10/22 & Genes is gone to Kristin's.  If she comes back in heat in 20 days will breed her to Earthsurf.  Nina back in heat 11/12 so put her with Earthsurf and he's working on breeding her. Left her with him.
bred 11/12/17
due 4/5/18
blue eyes and/or moonspots possible
Babel Brook Acres SK Freya TBD May breed for August 2018 kids

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