Dancing Angels Little Voice

DOB:  3/18/05

02/19/17:  Tested for CAE - results negative

06/13/16:  Tested for CAE - results negative

07/29/15:  Tested for CAE - results negative

01/25/15:  Tested for CAE & Johnes - both results negative

11/16/13:  Tested for CAE - results negative


2010 LA:  05-03 90 EEEV (Permanent score)

Stature:  20-1/2" (22.00)

I couldn't resist taking this pasture picture of LV on 7/18/14.  She's not clipped or posed and she's in the process of being dried up, but I think she looks wonderful at 9-1/2 years old!

Little Voice, or LV as she is known, is shown above as a 2nd freshener.  She arrived her in May 2008 along with her daughter Dancing Angels Masquerade.  LV's dam, Sugar Creek PT Show Girl, is the full littermate sister to ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creek PT Show Tunes 2*D 1*M.

LV freshened for the fourth time with greatly increased capacity and a gorgeous udder!  Udder pictures below were taken at one week fresh and she is not fully bagged as her triplets are nursing on her.



Three generations of lovely does!  From left to right above are LV, her daughter Masquerade, and Masquerade's daughter Bali Ha'i.


Show Wins:

6/4/11:  2X Reserve Champion Senior Doe (behind her herd mate Xplicit) under Judges Tim Ness and Megan Lawrence at the CVDGA Summer Show in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. 


Color/Pattern Genetics:

LV is a brown and black buckskin, heavily overlaid with white.  Her daughter Masquerade is proof she also carries the allele for black. 

Kidding History:

5/17/07:  Buck/doe twins sired by MCH/CH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets (see Dancing Angels Masquerade)

1/18/08:  Single? - 1 doe sired by ?

3/12/09:  Buck/doe twins sired by TX Twincreeks CAS Troubadour

3/15/10:  Triplet does sired by Dancing Angels Tempo

3/27/11:  Buck/doe twins sired by TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90'

4/1/12:  Twin bucks sired by Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S

4/21/13:  Twin does sired by TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S

4/19/14:  Buck/doe twins sired by Alethia CTO Eye of the Storm

2015:  Didn't settle

03/19/16:  Aborted buck/doe twins 3 - 4 weeks early

03/09/17:  Buck/doe twins sired by Dragonfly CRH Renegade



See her extended pedigree here:  LV's Pedigree


Sire:  Twin Creeks WB Rain Beau *S

SS:  ARMCH Goodwood Weisbaden ++ *S 'E'

SD:  Ponders End Araina *D 'VG'

Dam:  Sugar Creek PT Show Girl (littermate sister to ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creeks PT Show Tunes 2 *D, 1 *M

DS:  Sugar Creek MT Pantomine *S

DD:  Ponders End Country Tunes *D  AR1646

















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