Registered Limousin Cattle



Redman, our most recent herd sire is shown with Joe above.

Shown above is Rocky, one of the breeding bulls we have recently owned. 

Limousin Cattle

The Limousin is a very old breed; it may have originated anywhere from 16000 to 13000 years ago as dated by cave drawings in the French Lascaux Cave. It was developed in the central Marche and Limousin regions of southern France. The area is relatively isolated and the cattle breed was allowed to grow with little to no external influences. Due to its environment, the Limousin attained superlative hardiness and adaptability.


The first Limousin Herd Books were written in 1886. Its entries were chosen with such scrutiny that less than half of all animals applying for registration were actually accepted.


The first Limousin bull was imported into the US in 1971.  Previously Limousin genetics were attained using imported semen, mostly from Canada’s Prince Pompadour.  In 1968 the North American Limousin Foundation was  founded and is presently the largest Limousin association in the world.


Limousin cattle have several important traits within their breed: excellent feed efficiency, adaptability, and high carcass yield.  The cattle are good foragers and are well able to convert feed into mass.  The meat is tender and fine fibered because of their low fat levels.


The heavy musculature of the Limousin is a highly heritable trait. One of the most successful crosses involves the Angus. The hybrid will benefit from heavier Limousin muscling, high efficiency and Angus polledness and marbling.


Limousin cattle are an excellent source for introducing mass into the lighter breeds while maintaining relatively low birth weights.  In a time where leaner cuts of beef are the preference, the Limousin is an excellent choice of beef cattle.




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