Enigma V Pot Pourri

Enigma V Fleurissimo

DOB:  8/23/17




Pot Pourri and Fleurissimo's dam, Shere Country J Fleur is show below as a youngster.

Fleur was my keeper doe out of Allium and Jose.  My good friend Cheryl talked me out of her with the promise of kids back and what beautiful kids I got!  Fleur is pictured above on 10/31/15.  Her dam, Allium, is a beautiful doe who scored Excellent 90 at her 2014 Linear Appraisal.  She also received an Excellent rump score!  Allium is shown below in June of 2014.

Fleur's sire, *B Wren Farm AB Jose 'VG88', is shown below.



1*M GCH Avian Acres LKR Juanita's udder is shown below.  Juanita appraised VEVE FS89 in 2013.


Show Wins:


Color/Pattern Genetics:

Fleurissimo & Pot Pourri are both brown and black buckskin does with moonspotting and white polls.  Pot Pourri has the heavier moonspotting.


Kidding History:


See their extended pedigree here:  Pot Pourri & Fleurissimo's Pedigree


Sire:  AGS Fall Creek WR Valentino *S

SS:  Lost Valley SD Waverunner *S

SD:  MCH Fall Creek TAL Valentine *D

Dam:  Shere Country J Fleur

DS:  *B Wren Farm AB Jose 'VG88'

DD:  SG Shere Country SH Allium 'E90'




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