*B DesertNanny BR Shenandoah *S (Shanny)

DOB:  12/19/12


11/16/13:  Tested for CAE - results negative

5/18/14:  Tested for Johne's - results negative



The photos of Shenandoah above and all his relatives below are courtesy of Sharon Warren at DesertNanny Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

This buck just exudes dairy style!  He has a pedigree filled with correct conformation, lovely udders, and milk production.  His first kids hit the ground in the spring of 2014 and I really liked what I saw.  All are dairy with nice high, wide, clean escutcheons.  I kept three daughters, Shere Country S Gita's Girl, Shere Country S Grand Finale, and Babel Brook Acres S Betty Boop.

Shanny is pictured below is all his hairy glory in the fall of 2013.


Shown directly below is Shenandoah's dam, 4*M GCH DesertNanny IM Blue Sapphire 3*D.  She is pictured as a first freshener.  She has a lovely high udder arch and an especially smooth fore udder.


Shown directly above is Shanny's sire, +B DF Farms HD Barney Rubble + *S 'VG87'. 


Shenandoah had two daughters freshen as yearlings in 2015.  Shown above is the first prefresh udder on Shere Country S Garden of Eden.  Photo is courtesy of her owner, Rachel Browning, of Rock-N-Ridge Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  His other daughter to freshen was Shere Country S Grand Finale.  She is dam raising her single buckling so I will have to wait to get an udder photo.

Color/Pattern Genetics:

Shenandoah is dark buckskin with a small amount of white spotting.  He also carries black as proven by his first offspring born here in 2014.  He also has blue eyes.


See his extended pedigree here:  Shenandoah's Pedigree


Sire:  +B DF Farms HD Barney Rubble + *S 'VG87'

SS:  Twin Creeks WB Hero of the Day *S 

SD:  Caesar's Villa STS Bam Bam 

Dam:  4*M GCH DesertNanny IM Blue Sapphire 3*D  

DS:  + *B DesertNanny Icy Blue Man + *S

DD:  3*M GCH DesertNanny MC Madeline 2*D AR





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