Ilenes Rascals Sirius

DOB:  5/9/17


The photo of Sirius above and the photos of his dam and sire below are all courtesy of Ilene Benson Leader of Ilenes Rascals Farm.

Pictured above is *M Joyful Hearts Penelope *D, the dam to Sirius, winning her first ADGA championship leg last year as a first freshener. 

 Here's what Ilene at Ilenes Rascals Farm has to say about Penelope, "Penny easily earned her milking star, milking out 5.1 pounds of milk for the one day test, AS A FIRST FRESHENER!  She has a very capacious udder that is buttery soft and is easy to milk out!  She is one of my favorite does to milk!!  And she fills the milk pail!!!"  The photos below are of Penny's first fresh udder.



The sire to Sirius is Alethia DJ Orion *B who is shown above as a young buck in 2008 and a more recent photo.

Orion's dam, GCH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna 4*M 'E90', is pictured below as a fourth freshening five year old.  Stella Luna is also dam to one of my herd favorites, Alethia SHH Moonpie!  I can't wait until Sirius is mature enough to breed Moonpie.  All photos of Stella Luna are courtesy of Siena Rasmussen at Alethia Homestead.





Show Wins:


Color Genetics:

Sirius is gold with a few white spots.


See his extended pedigree here:  Sirius' Pedigree


Sire:   *B Alethia DJ Orion

SS:  ++ *B GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter *S 'E91'

SD:  4*M GCH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna  'E90'

Dam:  *M Joyful Hearts WC Penelope

DS:  Trilogy Ranch JD White Cloud

DD:  Joyful Hearts CB Beatrix


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