Heidi's Mini Acres Storm

DOB:  4/8/10


All photos of Storm and his relatives are courtesy of Heidi Guetschoff at Heidi's Mini Acres.

Storm is the littermate brother of Heidi's Mini Acres Reid.  Storm was used here for several fall 2013 breedings and produced some really nice kids, including Shere Country ST Dust Storm and her brother Albert.  Dust Storm's dam, 3*M MI Sugarcreek VL Windstorm *D AR2293, was both Reid's and Storm's maternal half-sister and has a lovely udder with great texture and easily milked teats.   

Shown directly below is Storm's dam, 2*M CH AGS Sugar Creek ST Tumble Weed


Shown directly above is Storm's maternal granddam,1*M ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creek Nate's Patience *D 'E' AR1730 (2006 AGS National Best Udder).

Color/Pattern Genetics:

Storm's papers show him being buckskin.  He appears much more brown than his photo at the top of the page shows.


See his extended pedigree here:  Storm's Pedigree


Sire:  AGS NS Tamarack's

SS:  AGS Sugar Creeks NR Nellie's Shawn *S

SD:  ARMCH AGS Gay-Mor's NB Narcissus 3*D AR1679

Dam:  2*M CH AGS Sugar Creek ST Tumble Weed 

DS:  Sugar Creek's SS Stormtrooper *S

DD:  1*M ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creek Nate's Patience *D 'E' AR1730 (2006 AGS National Best Udder)





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