Old Beach Eaglehawk Tangerine

DOB:  4/6/17

Tangerine is currently a dry yearling and is shown pictured on 3/1/18.  She is absolutely stunning, being long bodied and very dairy.  She can also be quite a pain as she is my only jumper and escape artist.  Tangerine has been known to leap the fence so she could join me and Shadow (our black lab mix) on our daily stroll down our deadend road, teasing Shadow all along the way.  I often hear her knocking on the back door in the early morning hours, just to ensure I don't get too much sleep I presume!

Shown below is Tangerine's maternal half-brother, Old Beach Blueblood Earthsurf, who also resides here.

The photo of Earthsurf above was taken 11/17/17.  He's hairy and in rut but I still think he is handsome! His & Tangerine's dam, Old Beach Ziggzag Earthshine, is shown below.  She is a great producer, giving approximately 5 lbs milk per day at 3 weeks fresh in 2017.  Earthshine's photo is courtesy of Azsa Grenier at Old Beach Farm.



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Color/Pattern Genetics:

Tangerine is black with white spotting.


Kidding History:




See her extended pedigree here:  Tangerine's Pedigree


Sire:  Dynamo Ziggzag Eaglehawk

SS:  Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag

SD:  Dynamo Zebra Candee

Dam:  Dynamo Ziggzag Earthshine

DS:  Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag

DD:  Dynamo Zebra Candee

















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