Shere Country MP Windswept

DOB:  3/26/13

03/04/18:  Tested for CAE & Johnes - results negative

05/07/17: Tested for CAE - results negative

02/19/17:  Tested for CAE - results negative

06/13/16:  Tested for CAE - results negative

07/29/15:  Tested for CAE - results negative

09/30/14:  Tested for CAE - results negative


2014 LA:  VEcV V

Stature:  18-12"

Windswept is shown in the two photos directly below just shortly before her 3rd freshening.

Windswept is eyeing me suspiciously in the photo above take 9/3/14.

  Forgive the hairy photo.  This is Windswept's 2nd fresh udder.  The photo was taken while she was still nursing her kids so isn't completely full.  She has nice teats and udder texture and her udder is very well attached all the way around. 

The photo of Windswept above was taken in May 2014.

Pictured above is Windswept's littermate sister Sandstorm and her first freshening udder.  Sandstorm was Linear appraised as a first freshener in 2015 and received a very nice score of +V+V FS84. Photos are courtesy of Lynne at Grasse AcresUpdate 2018!  Sandstorm has earned her milk stars in AGS as well as ADGA and is now Shere Country MP Sandstorm 4*M 4*D (AR)

I was so happy to get such a nice doeling out of Windstorm and Megapixel!  Megapixel has consistently improved conformation and Windstorm's udder (shown below) is such a pleasure to milk with it's soft texture and nice teats and orifices.

Shown below is Windswept's sire, the late TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90'.


Show Wins:


Color/Pattern Genetics:

Windswept is a heavily roaned red and black chamoisee (or possibly chamoisee/buckskin cross) with white spotting.  She also carries black.


Kidding History:

04/13/15:  Triplets - 2 does/1 buck (stillborn) sired by Heidi's Mini Acres Reid

04/10/16:  Quad bucks sired by Dynamo Falcon Ziggzag 'E90'

2017:  Didn't settle for fall 2017 kids

03/09/18:  Triplets - 2 bucks/1 doe sired by Shere Country ZU Dilemma


See her extended pedigree here:  Windswept's Pedigree


Sire:  TX Twincreeks WDF Megapixel *S 'E90'

SS:  CH/MCH Pecan Hollow Willy's Dance Fever *S

SD:  MCH/GCH Twin Creeks WB Madam Butterfly 2*D *M

Dam:  3*M MI Sugarcreek VL Windstorm *D AR2293

DS:  *B MI Sugarcreek NT Valor *S

DD:  2*M CH AGS Sugar Creek ST Tumble Weed



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