SG MI Sugarcreek XC Yoyo Tunes

DOB:  7/11/08


02/19/17:  Tested for CAE - results negative

09/11/16:  Tested for CAE & Johnes - results negative

01/25/15:  Tested for CAE & Johnes - both results negative

06/11/14:  Tested for CAE - results negative

12/18/09:  Tested for Johnes - results negative


2015 LA:  85  +V+V

Stature:  18-1/4" (11)

2010 LA:  88 VEVV (89 is the highest a 1st freshener can earn)

Stature:  17-1/2" (7.00)

Yoyo is pictured above on 8/21/18, the day after she arrived back home.  She is just about dry above but still a lovely doe.  I am so happy to have Yoyo and her daughter Arpeggio back home!

Exciting news!  On 8/20/15 I was informed that both Yoyo and her daughter Arpeggio have been awarded the SG designation!

Yoyo is pictured above as a first freshener with her young single doeling who is now a finished ADGA champion, 1*M SGCH Shere Country OB Arpeggio 'E90'. 

Yoyo is linebred on ARMCH Sugar Creek MP Penny Pincher 6*D 1*M (2007 LA VEEE FS90), her late paternal granddam.  See photo below:

Yoyo's beautiful dam, X-Tunes, also was also a part of our herd until her retirement in 2015 and is shown below.  She is almost dry but still a looker.  X-Tunes is littermate sister to MI Sugarcreek TW Tunes XM *S/ + *B.  Her photo is courtesy of Cheryle Moore-Smith at Old Mountain Farm.


Below are some photos of Yoyo's daughter Arpeggio.  Photos of Arpeggio are courtesy of Becky Gretebeck of All Seasons Farm.

Arpeggio as a junior yearling above and as a two year-old first freshener below.

Arpeggio is shown above on 6/1/13 when she went Grand Champion in 2 rings at the CVDGA Summer Show and was Best Doe in Show in the District IV Nigerian Specialty Show!  She went on to go Best of Breed and Best Udder of Breed at the Wisconsin State Fair in August 2013 and is now a finished champion! She also was Linear Appraised VEEE FS90 Excellent in 2013.  It was definitely a good year for Arpeggio :)

Yoyo's 4th fresh udder is shown below at just a few days fresh after kidding with a single doe.

Yoyo is shown in 2012 as a third freshener in the three photos below.  I really dislike milk stand photos but it's hard to get other photos without help.  Yoyo is a treat to milk with wonderful udder texture.


 Yoyo is shown as a first freshener in the two photos directly above.


Show Wins:


Color/Pattern Genetics:

Yoyo is brown and black buckskin with white spotting.  She also carries the black allele.


Kidding History:

04/14/10:  Single doe sired by NC PromisedLand RC Obama *S *B (see 1*M SGCH Shere Country OB Arpeggio 'E90')

03/12/11:  Single buck sired by Dill's XM Big Bopper

03/09/12:  Twin does sired by *B Dill's XM Lonestar *S 'E90' 

2013:  Didn't settle (chosen buck was too young & inexperienced)

2014:  Didn't settle - many of the does I attempted to breed in early spring weren't cycling due to extreme cold winter

05/01/15:  Single doe sired by *B Wren Farm AB Jose 'VG88'

2016:  Single?

04/06/17:  Twin does sired by Dragonfly CRH Renegade


See her extended pedigree here:  Yoyo's Pedigree


Sire:  MI Sugarcreek TS Xtra Cash *B

SS:  Velvet Acres RB Tuscan Sun

SD:  ARMCH Sugar Creek MP Penny Pincher 6*D 1*M 'E90'

Dam:  MI Sugarcreek TW X-Tunes

DS:  MI Sugarcreek NT Tight Wad *B

DD:  ARMCH/GCH Sugar Creek PT Show Tunes 2*D, 1 *M


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